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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Day of School photo you never see.....

Okay, while most people my age are experiencing Empty Nest, well fowith an 8 and 4 year old and the 4 year old's first day of Pre-K today, I'm experiencing Empty House...for a few hours a day that is! 

I think I'll survive!  There's something so darn fun about having the kiddos home and also about watching them venture into the swirl of all the "firsts" for their new school year.  Don't we all feel like September is the beginning of the year in the same way January is the beginning of the numerical year?

Sending my little Doodle Bops to Pre-school doesn't tug on my heart, but don't try to talk to me on the last day of Kindergarten!  I never read in any Mom E. Brochures how sending your kiddos to their first year of Elementary school after Kindergarten is akin to sending them to college...It's like the reality that childhood does keep moving forward... or something.  All I know, is the first time around when my now 8 year old was celebrating her last day of Kindergarten, my stomach felt very, very strange!  But I survived and have as much a hoot (if not the frazzled mornings) of getting the girls ready and taking one to the bus stop and the other to preschool!  Happy Start of the year....Is it Halloween yet?

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