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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vanity Doodles

Doodles in my purse!
This summer, my two Girls made it very clear by simply being 4 and 8, that somethin' had to give if we were to all survive and have a great summer (which we did)!  

I had a blast with my two Loony Tunes but what "gave" was regularly creating new art (prints) for my Etsy Vanity Gallery.  However, just as I'm incapable of not wearing red lipstick, powder n' pearls, whether I was picking the girls up from camp(s) and activities or splashing in the pool with them, I MUST doodle and write my woman-to-woman humor vanity tag lines or essays.  One could say my Vanity is my Sanity!

So while lingering at my drawing table never seemed to happen during summer days, to stay sane, I kept a ring of index cards in my purse and would doodle and write Vanit observations in random moments.  Above is just one of many doodles that emergd in my purse! 

I believe in what this Vanity Case Character is saying, "It's none of my business what other people think about moi!" In Vanity Speak this can mean, stay who you are and do it with integrity and believe in yourself and your fabulousness!  I'm always listening to my Vanity Characters ... I never know what nuggets of Vanity Wisdom they will share ... Hope you enjoy/ Collene

More Purse Doodles to be posted....

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