Thursday, June 27, 2019

Suddenly it's summer ... take it off!

I simply die how most of us artfully use clothes to cover our figure flaws all year long and on the first hot, summer, beach or pool day, we "take it all off," to bare almost all!  I put on my suit this year and thought, where in the world did the body go that I had last year, cuz' this one is slightly different...slightly eroded!  But that happens every year!

In preparing for the sun, I add just enough fake tan lotion to cut-the-glare of my very fair skin... I don't want my arms and gams to reflect light and possibly blind someone!

For me, a bathing suit is without question the biggest aide to dropping pounds!  The last thing that I personally want to do when I'm "in-suit" is to eat!  So while I curse my daughters on the one hand to wanting to go to the pool, I am thankful that my suit keeps me focused on my food intake ... or lack thereof while I'm in it!

And no, that is not an interpretation of moi in the drawing!

Happy Summer!
PS... I'll likely create Tilly as a character to be featured on one of my VanityCasesGreetingCards which can be seen mostly here:  TheVanityGallery!

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