Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Eat the icing first! YOLO!

YOLO! ! ! 

Oh for Gad sake, eat the cupcake and don't count the calories!  YOLO!  I love that abbreviation for You Only Live Once!  Now this is not to say you can do any ol' thing you want and call out YOLO and think it's mighty fine, but there are times when dang, ya' just want to eat the icing!

YOLO is also a great mantra when you are a bit hesitant to try something new!  Instead of fearing a change step up-to-the plate and say, YOLO!  Or, if you are one of those people who are tough on themselves and never give yourself a break, relax, indulge and celebrate with  YOLO chant!

As for me, when something is a little scary, I think what's the worst that can happen and I walk forward, of course with red lipstick, powder and pearls say YOLO - so do it!

That's my thought for today...air kisses and accessory wishes until the next observation!

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