Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ohmmm my - Lose 5 pounds in under 5 seconds --

Ohmmm my - Lose 5 pounds in under 5 seconds -- without cutting a single calorie! Stretching is as key to staying in shape as good hair is to staying in a good mind set!  My Loves, with good posture; think long-neck, shoulders-back and tushy slightly tucked in, you’ll lose 5 pounds - in an instant - visually!  What could be more fab’ than that?!
It’s all about long lines which, can also be achieved through Yoga.  The only time I have for yoga these days is the time it takes to microwave water for my morning tea!  In that time, I use the kitchen counter as a ballet bar, I stretch, breath, then stand tall and lose my five pounds!
Ga’ head, do it and and lose it!

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