Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Accessory Gods...and cards

For quite a few years I was writing and illustrating cards and licensing them.  I think I can do a millionty' things at once, but my two kiddos proved me wrong so I had to put on the back burner... sorta!  I allllllways create but with two munchkins [that we adopted from China], I found that it made more sense with my limited time to post my cards and prints in my on-line stores!

Whether they are in stores or on-line the one question I get most often is where do card ideas come from...
So what usually happens is a lil' ol' sketch emerges from my pen in a sketch book, on a napkin, on scratch paper, in a notebook, etc., etc.

And while I'd like to take credit for the text in my Vanity Cases humor, basically, I give credit to the characters who kinda' speak to me as they are springing from my pens and pencils!

Hmmmm.  If I think what the Vanitista is saying will be something other fab' women who "get it," will like, I refine the art and then create it in a greeting card format and ta' dah, post on line. Ironically, I try to think if the cover art and text would work as a stand-alone, let's say in a frame. Why?  That's how I "decorated" my NYC dorm room a trillion years ago so maybe that's in the back of my mind!?

When I'm finished a card I will often post as a PRINT in my Etsy Vanity Gallery or as a Greeting card in my VanityCases on-line store!

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