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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meditating for the "sole!"

"Sole" searching friendship or birthday card
I call this card "Yoga Shoes" and it's one of my faves.  I say always take time for "sole" searching it's good for the "sole!"  What is it about shoes that makes us feel so fabulous?  Even in working from home, I have to wear a slightly fab' or decent shoe and always, but always my (requisite) red lipstick!  I guess I think I'm giving the illusion of being put together from top-to-bottom... and it is most surely an illusion but so easy-to-achieve!  For me, Vanity is my Sanity!  Would love it if you "followed" my blog for more silly vanity reflections and lotsa' free downloadable art postings!


  1. Love it, glad Tricia posted you on FB :)

  2. I didn't know she posted! The girl i a peach!


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