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Monday, April 5, 2010

Calm from within...Taoist meditation Vanity Style!

As we are going on the 4th week of awaiting travel approval to travel to China for our second daughter, I read a Taoist meditation about finding the calm from within, whereupon I interpreted with a Vanity Cases character.  I figured we would probably have another week before we would rcv' Travel Approval.  And what do you know?  After my exercise walk and then (10 minute) meditation, I checked email and there it was; our Travel Approval!  I am at once beyond thrilled, and happy but more than anything, at peace.
Warmest thoughts -


  1. HOORAY, HOORAY!!!! You're going to China!!! Can't wait to follow along & watch your family grow from 3 to 4!!


  2. Aaaahhhh! You are so sweet! PS...I'll try to find time to print you something and send soon! Collene


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