Thursday, March 12, 2020

Accessory Activist!

I'm an accessory activist because I truly believe they can empower every person to their highest level of fabulousness!  I mean really, who doesn't look more fab' with a few strands of pearls, whether the pearls are tiny or bubble gum size or an arm full of bangles!  And who is to say, that a feather boa won't complete a given outfit!  

There is this age-old fashion rule to look at one's self in a mirror once dressed and take one thing off... Well, Honey, I look in the mirror and add one or two or three more things!  Accessories give me life!  So go out and have a race to the elbow with bracelets, wrap a scarf on your hips or tie it on your purse!  And just as one can't imagine going out without mascara, never, I mean never go out without earrings.   It's all about feeling your highest level of your fabulous self! ! !   I'll have this posted soon as a card in my EtsyVanityGallery, but until then, Air kisses and accessory wishes until the next post!

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Never underestimate the power of a pink feather boa!