Monday, November 6, 2017

Don't get mad; get more fabulous!

Ooooooh yes!  This is the way to go!  And here's the trick, when you are annoyed by someone, a group, wha' or whoever, you don't have to let them know that you are more Fabulous!  A fabuloulista doesn't have the need to brag or be affirmed through social media!   You'll know you're more fabulous and that's what's worth it!  And since "birds of a fabulous feather flock together," other fabbity-birds will  be attracted to your fabulousness!  Well, that's what Tiffanee, the character above says and believes!

No need to brag on Facebook and/ or social media about being fabulous...  your glitter will leave a path of being fabulous!  Oh yes, one should really keep a little glitter in their purse for such gestures!

Tiffanee's rules for getting more fab:  Throw on another strand of pearls, wear red lipstick, have a race to the elbow with bangles, tie on a fabulous scarf and add a touch of vanilla from the'll smell delish!  Most importantly, smile!   It will effect your mood, tude and confidence you exude!

Air kisses and accessory wishes until the next entry...Collene
PS... I'm soooo thinking of creating a line of Tiffanee cards for my VanityGallery on Etsy!

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