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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hazel is no less fabulous than a person in her prime... 
cuz' I think she's eternally in her prime!

Ooooh, Hazel's T-shirt speaks the truth!  But what I always love about Hazel, is she always embraced her entire being and at 85 would mow the lawn in her pin girls, (a roller or two), accessories and with her gams on display!  There's a saying, "The legs are the last to go."  Nobody told Hazel and her knees may have "went" somewhere a while ago, but what the heck, they look good from her vantage point so I say, Betty Grable of T.E., knock em' dead!  

Hazel was my fave' neighbor and started life anew at 85, when she decided to move to VA to be closer to family and most importantly grandchildren quite a few years ago.  Her kitchen was one of the original, never changed, from the late forties when the houses were built.  And while I'm sure there's a brag factor to knocking down walls, stainless steel appliances and having granite and such, I luuuuuuuved Hazel's linolium floors and sort of aluminum cabinets.  The vision brings to mind my daughter's 1950s pink very "I Love Lucy" kitchen play set!

Anyway, we are in touch at Holidays but on the other hand, I'm always touched by the fabulous style, confidence and individuality of Hazel!  Happy Hazel Day!   Air kisses until the next Vanity Reflection!

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