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Friday, January 13, 2012

Yoga poses with Yoga Humor

 Sneek Peek at Vanity Yoga Print series
I'm going to be offering 5x7 and/ or 8x10 prints of Vanity Yoga reflections in my on line stores.  I'll be offering either standards size with a clean white matte.  The paper is a sturdy, slightly textured card stock.  I'm finding while creating, that they tend to look quite fab' in pairs and are likely, "For women only!"  
Pricing:  As with anything I create, I'm going to price very reasonably.  I have what I think is a price in mind that I think would be fair if one bought this art anywhere from a Target store to a craft fair... Hmmmmm.  The first person that emails me with what they would pay for such a print will rcv these two prints from me!  

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