Thursday, September 13, 2018

Audrey Hepburn said...

I do agree with what Audrey Hepburn, who I see as an icon of perfect inner and outward style said, but it's hard to argue that a lil' lipstick couldn't hurt - anyone!  

I worship at the alter of red lipstick and truly believe, it's like a button that turns a face "on!"  And further to that, I'm certain almost every woman, at every age can wear red lipstick!  Honey, I see it as more than a color and in many ways a state-of-mind!  It says, "Hello, I'm here!"

And while Miss Hepburn is right about the smile factor, which should be a resting stance for any face, I'm a believer in making extra effort to step-up one's appearance game!  Like the my characters believe in all my Women Humor greeting cards, Vanity can be one's sanity!  

Do you wear red lipstick?????

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