Friday, October 28, 2016

I hate when botox wears off... Funny Botox Birthday card and thoughts on "toxing!"

I hate when my botox wears off...Because then people will know when I don't like them... (Well, only some people!)

Vanity observation:  If you sprayed your forehead with "extra, extra hold hairspray, would it have the same effect as botox?  Just a Vanity thought!

Anywho, I'm busy as a bee creating funny women humor cards for my VanityGallery available to purchase by mail or by instant download!  How great is that?  You purchase the card then zippity-zip, the file is emailed to your computer and you follow easy, lemon-squeezey directions to print and you have the card in your hands in mere moments!

Anyway... would jot down more but I'm going to check and see if I have any extra hold hairspray!

Until the next post,
Air Kisses and Accessory wishes!

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