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Monday, January 23, 2012

Glamour Girl / Glamour Gal drawings... they just popped out of my pen!

For ever and ever when I was in my twenties, Glamour Gal illustrations would emerge from my pens n' pencils. They seemed to all have some story that they would share with me as I doodled away. To say the least, they were always very entertaining. The Glam' Gals seem to be emerging again and most often they are sharing the key qualities that keep a Glam' Gal just that, Glam! And what's not to love about Glamour! I even love the word and had it in a frame for years!

By the way, this is Theda and she invites you to come see her and her best friend Thora in the Glamour Girl section of the VanityGallery!

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