Monday, October 23, 2017

I accessorize therfore I am!

Oh My Fabulistas!  How many times do I say, I'll continue to add to my blog and then next thing you know, months go by and I've added nothing!  I often say I'm chasing the time to do t, but I've decided if I have time to accessorize every single day, (and that's before I run out-the-door to drive my middle-schooler' to school), then I have time to jot a few notes!  

My other challenge is thinking, "What can I write?!"  Well, I decided to let my cards do the talking!  I mean seriously, they are my lil itty-bitty "paper-thin" books filled with observations that can serve as a coping tool for Vanity things I embrace or that drive me crazy and are inspired by looking in the mirror ... or Vanity Observations drawn from others!

As for this accessory observation post, I confess I worship at the alter of accessories!  I'm never and I mean never, without my lipstick, powder and pearls and frankly, as the Mother of a teen and 9 year old, who works from home, that's just the right amount of adornment to fool people into thinking I'm pulled together!  Whether I'm sitting in the school car-line, having a meeting with a teacher or potential customer, I'm never without decoration!

Oh Dolls, it's all smoke and mirrors!  But it's from those mirrors that I come up with my Vanity Reflections that translate into my Vanity Cases cards.  The back of my cards often say, "I learn everything I know from looking in the mirror."  Lawdy, all too recently, I'm observing erosion!  Oye and ouch... but it's further reason to accessorize!   Think about it, pearls, whether understated or bubble-gum-ball size, scarves, a race-to-the-elbows with bracelets and as much as possible, a fab bag draw the eyes to the overall picture and not the details of fine-lines!

The result is 3-fold, 1, I actually believe feeling fabulous can work from the outside - in, 2, if one has time to brush their teeth, every single day, how can one not factor a couple of more moments to decorate the outside and 3, a few items of adornment will make you look and FEEL fab!

Air kisses and accessory wishes until the next time!

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