Friday, March 17, 2017

Mid section, we are not on speaking terms!

Uh huh, it's that time of year when I realize, I've got nothing to wear!  Oh I might be dressed and I might even fool you that I'm put-together with the magic of Lipstick, powder & pearls and decent hair but in working from home, I'm down to the point where I have NOTHING to wear!  When I left the "real world," and my last fabbity PR job, I luuuuved casual Friday and that's how I modeled my "at home" attire.  But dang, over the last many years, what was once my polished Friday wardrobe has evolved into worn down threads that would be fit to wear if I was going to paint a room!

So that being said, I headed out for the "hunt," to find something that would update my wardrobe uniform of skinny jeans, khakis a few over sized sweaters and boots.  (Very mindless to pull together in the morning dark when I'm getting my kiddos off to school)  Upon entering the dressing room and trying on clothes, what a shock to see that my mid-section has "fluffed" a bit over the winter! Fluffed is my term for FAT!

I HATE dressing rooms!  Why in God's name do they have fluorescent lighting!  I make it a point to not look in the full length mirror until I have my potential new item on!  Why torture myself?  I'm only going to console by stopping at the mall food-court on the way out and therein lies the catch 22!
This is the Vanity Cases card my Real Life Vanity experience inspired:  VanityGallery DressingRoom

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