Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Us women can do a millionty things at one time!

Not only can most of us women balance doing a millionty things at one time, this women does it all always, but always with lipstick, powder and pearls!

That's right, whether cleaning the kitchen, doing [endless] loads of laundry,  creating women humor art for licensing contracts or my VanityGallery store, or trying to help my second grader with Singapore math ... for which the only math that it encourages me to do is count down to a glass of wine, it's all about the lipstick, powder n' pearls!  It's like a mirage that gives a reflection of everything being quite together ... at least on the outside!

Think of these essentials like the outside of a closed closet door; nice, looks organized and streamlined ... but once you open, it's quite possible that all will spill out... but at least as you walked by it all looked put together!

And did you know in balancing a million things, it's proven and primal that women are able to concentrate on more than one conversation at one time?!  More on this in another Fab'log entry!

In the meantime, aren't we amazing!

Until the next entry, air kisses and accessory wishes!  Collene Kennedy

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