Thursday, December 1, 2016

Resting Wine Face

So I've always been aware of the term"resting bitch face," but not "resting wine face.  Well, of the two, I think I'd rather be accused of the Wine-Face!  But having dropped wine during the week, as well as the easiest pounds ever...guess I was sipping more than I thought; I maintain I must fill the void of wine on the weekends in the name of "humor research" for my women humor greeting cards!

And by-the-by, when my husband asked what is resting-bitch-face anyway, I gave him a look that illustrated the adage.  Oye!  Naturally, the term worked itself into a Vanity Card, of which I like to think of the cards as itty-bitty books of Vanity Observations and life lessons!

So needless to say, I discovered I didn't coin the term but just the same, it's my new favorite!

Cheers and accessory wishes and air kisses until the next Vanity Observation!

PS...If you'd like to see more Vanity Observations come on by the VanityGallery!

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