Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Should Goldie Hawn Cut her Hair?!

I'll call this entry the Celebrity Vanity Report.  With a line of greeting cards entitled Vanity Cases, where the credo of my "veddy" sofistikated characters is, "Who cares how you feel on the inside as long as you look fabulous on the outside?!" -- why wouldn't I also share Vanity observations about my favorite fat-free vice; celebs and their images!!!!

I'm going to share a subject to which I confess, I've given far more energy, thought and contemplation than it likely deserves; hair and in particular, Goldie Hawn's hair!

Now I think most women can agree when it comes to having a "Good Hair Day," it can give one the inexplicable feeling of being invincible!  I often say, never underestimate the super-power of a woman on a Good Hair Day.  When all your follicles fall perfectly into place and it translates into a Good Hair Day, you can truly feel like they can rule the world ... or at least run your own while feeling fabulous!

And when it comes to hair, styles can be big or small, color can be natural or electric, texture smooth, curly or wild frizz n' fro's. but, the one rule, in my lil' ol' personal vanity opinion is that when it comes to length, after a certain age, women shouldn't have hair much past their shoulders.  That certain age is 12.  Okay, I know, I know, there are exceptions so I'll go as high as 19.  And of course there's the singular exception of long hair on a woman of age and that's Cher.  But then again, Cher is pretty much the exception to almost every Vanity rule because....because she's, well, ah',  CHER!

So this brings me back to Goldie Hawn.  Holding on to one's locks can be the equivalent of trying to hold on to youthful looks in almost freeze-dried kind of way.  Think Goldie.  It seems she's worn her long, bed-head, falling-in-her-face  disheveled style for umpteen years... and for whatever reason that has bugged me and frankly, more than it should! But, I think there's a certain age when messy sexy should evolve into a little more trim, loose and layered -- which is still quite fabulous but age appropriate without being aging. Do ya' know what I mean?

The trap of holding on to a style from one's youth, without modifying it over decades can look like a person is trying to hold on to a moment in time that has long passed.  Think Bette Davis in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"  It was just plain scary; Baby Jane's ringlet hair style, let alone clothes way too young for her age gave her that frightening picture of trying to hold on with white knuckles to a decaying youthful look from her past.  I maintain if Jane had a smooth chignon, subtle make-up, sans the heart-shaped mole that she drew on her cheek, she would have looked quite upscale.

Now the thing about Goldie Hawn, who is fabulous at 70, is she's vibrant and vital at any age and much "bigger than her hair."  I get that and have great admiration for her devotion to imparting the importance of meditating for children and the Buddhist practice for them of being mindful/ present.   From what I've read, she's trying to make meditation part of school curriculums.  I love that!  In espousing a practice that is thousands of years old she's forging a very modern idea for a younger generation.  She personifies being a modern women and as such I think she should embrace her whimsical personal style BUT without the being date-stamped with hair from her twenties.

Goldie seems to forever balance being adorable with being smart and I'm just sayin' a lil' modifying of the hair  [I think] would only make her look more fabulous for her age -- without aging her.  I think she would be Pure Goldie with a style that's a little trimmed and cleaner that enhances her her age without mocking it.

Again, this is all just my lil' ol' opinion and for whatever reason, something many of the characters on my cards have talked to me about so I felt compelled to share!

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