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Monday, July 13, 2015

Good Hair Days are EVERYTHING!

One can never underestimate good hair!

I firmly believe when a woman is having a good hair day, that they in fact have super powers! Truly! 

I defy any woman to say she feels completely fabulous if she's not having a "Good Hair Day!"  My characters live by the credo, "Who cares how you feel on the inside as long as you look fabulous on the outside," and I believe that can start from the top!  Hair!  

What is a good hair day?  It's when the red, blonde, black, brown, multi-color strands all seem to know which way to fall, move, curl, lay flat, braid, blend, wha'ever!  So yup, if you have a good soul and you do kind things for others and yourself and have your health and are laughing, life is good, but if you have all that ... and a good hair day, Ha'llooooo, you've got everything!  

Air kisses until the next post - CK

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