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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

And here's how the pencil goes....

I've been asked how does it work; how do the ideas and/ or drawings come about?  Well, it usually starts as a doodle - a pencil sketch (of which I'm sure I have ten billion) in sketchbooks or mostly organized in folders in my studio.   The text basically comes from the character.  Yup, the character's actually speak to me.  They are very "pithy" in their observations.  I listen and jot down what they say and organize in a multi-section notebook!  

Anywho, I trace the pencil sketch on my light box with a black fine point pen and add color with pencils, markers as well as colored ball point pens.  I then scan and usually add a treatment, i.e. background colors and borders with Photoshop.  Luuuuuuve photoshop!

Then, Ta' dahhhhh, the drawing is complete!  Often times I translate into a greeting card that I either market to companies to license or post on one of my on-line store sites!

In fact, I'm going to create a NEW on-line shop shortly that will offer my cards for what will be more reasonably priced than what they sell for in stores!  It will be a section in my ETSY VANITY GALLERY STORE.  My cards are also sold HERE, under the FAB' GREETING CARDS link, however, I'll lower the price in my Etsy shop because I think like a customer and want to price them so that one can scoop up a bunch without spending a small fortune!!!

Air kisses until the next post! -CK

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