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Monday, March 23, 2015

An Easy but Fabulous Dollar Store art project!

This is the easiest wall art project you will ever do!

This wall art item can take no time to do but the most important factor is YOU can create it anyway you like!  It starts with a twine placemat from the Dollar Store, just add photos, quotes, accessories i.e. necklaces and repeat!  It's pretty much that simple!   

I had these handy-dandy picture clippy things from IKEA, but you could use paper clips or wee binder clips.  One could hang with natural colored twine tied on to the placemat.  Would be fab' to hang in a kitchen with different reminders.  I also pick up Index cards at the Dollar Stores and by cutting them with fancy-pancy scissors, I create scalloped edges.

I'll now hand it off to one of my daughters to add whatever she likes to it and as far as I can tell, there;s only one problem... I HAVE NO ROOM TO HANG IT!  I need more walls!  Hope you enjoy!  Art is where you see it!   C

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