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Monday, January 12, 2015

Chalkboard art... is it chalk or photoshop?!

Thank Goodness for Photoshop and Thank Heavens for Youtube tutorials!  
It's always fun and frustrating at the same time to learn new methods to create art or to translate one's art into certain timely graphic styles.   Most recently I have been attempting Chalkboard art.  While I have countless chalkboard surfaces in the house including on the front of our dishwasher, creating art to be able to send to clients for reproduction on products is a whole different ballgame!

As I delve further into this method while working on Christmas 2015, I couldn't help but play with creating "Soleful" chalkboard art and have posted a Soleful Vanity Image!  

Again, ya' have to love the diversity of what you can learn on Youtube beyond countless, endless, eternal makeup product reviews!!!!

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