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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Good Hair Days are everything ....

It is my personal belief, that when one experiences a Good Hair Day, something that I might mention men don't fully comprehend, further reflecting how much more evolved women are than the opposite sex; we can truly conquer the world!

I'm working on a Vanity Hair series and using observations of Good and Bad hair days and everything in-between as analogies for life ... because I truly think Good Hair Days can be the foundation for happiness...but doesn't everybody?!

By the by, the Vanity Case character in this post has been in my drawing files for umpteen years and is always changing what she says!  I'm just grateful she spoke to me with her current quote!
Air kisses until the next entry...Collene


  1. Hi Collene,
    First, let me congratulate you for your wonderful work. I love these funny pictures you draw! These ladies are all fantastic. I used one of your great pictures to make a card.
    ... but first, I wanted to ask you if I can publish it! It will be visible on my blog and the challenge blog and it is in no way for sale !!
    I hope you agree.
    Wish you a great day and many more of these beautiful creatures!
    Sincerely Rosi

  2. ...and of course I'll link to your blog !!

    1. Yikes! I just published that I can't believe I missed your comment and YES, please feel free to use one of my images! By the by, how does it feel to make someone's day cuz' that's what your lovely words did for me!!!


  3. Yikes! How did I miss your comment! Yes you can use one of my images on your blog ... if you would still like to! Again, pllleeeeeze forgive the delay in seeing this comment ... and by the way, how does it feel to make someone's day, cuz' that's what you did!


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