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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Which way please... FoRwArD!!!!

As someone who balances building their business (working from home) with being a full time Mom E. Person of two young girls, (is there such a thing as a part-time Mom?) I confess I can too often feel  like a cat chasing my tail and like I'm going in circles!   And speaking of cats, in addition to creating art for my on-line stores, (The Vanity Gallery & my Vanity Cases)  I empty the kitty litter of our two cats daily.  

Yup, cat litter is just one of a millionty things I've learned to streamline in the limited time my girls are in school and when I have time to myself in the studio.  When the girls are home, my work day is essentially over and it becomes devoted to helping my 9 year old with homework, driving her to-and-from play dates and/ or activities or of course doing something together as well as being shadowed by my 4 year old, which usually ends up with us playing Plah-doh or coloring... both quite good therapy actually!  

But in those moments where I'm in a race with my tail or essentially time to be productive,  I remind myself, that if I'm moving forward,  I'm going in the right direction.  As long as we move forward, forward, forward, we'll end up somewhere in the vicinity of our goals!  Right???!!!! This is where it's key, even if you feel like you are lying and I'm insane, that you tell me, yes, move forward and you will get to reach many of your [work] goals!

What is quite ironic i that on the most frazzled of days I'll do some doodle as a "release" and jot down some observation that will eventually become material for my art!  So see, even when one is feeling a bit crazed, it can be productive.  Right?  (Remember, it's key to say yes!)

Oh and on the days when I get NO work done but have been with my Two Looney tunes, my Ladybug and my Daisy, my inhale and my exhale, I don't even have to remind myself so much as simply look at them to know, that to be with them, I'm the luckiest person in the world and it was time well spent!

This is a wordy way of sharing how I come up with ideas like the sketch and text in this post ... as well as a way to vent a bit that like most working Moms, I'm just doin' the best I can!

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