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Thursday, January 24, 2013

My personal opinion is that  one can read the classics (I've ready many) and one could get lost in historic and golden Hollywood age biographies (I have a million), but there is nothing, I mean at times nothing like the tabloids!  I think of them as junkfood for the brain and truly believe they should be part of the nutrion pyramid for anyone who needs a little mental relief in their days!  

And truly, when people say they don't read them, I would love to have a "spy camera" on when they are in a waiting room and there are copies of People, The National Inquirer, Star and / or US magazine!  Uh huh!

That's my lil' ol Vanity thought of the day!  (It's vanity because if it makes you feel good, natch', it will make you look good!  Collene

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