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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Toxic Friend Diet

I'm just sayin'!
Hi Dahlings!  It's me Tiffanee, or as I like to call myself, Collene's fabulous [Doodle] Spokesperson for summer since she's so busy with the kiddos!  And honestly, couldn't we all stand to lose a pound or two when it comes to toxic relationships with friends, and I use the term Friend loosely.  If in fact someone is a friend, they are not a bit toxic but rather as medicinal as the perfect shade of red lipstick or as delish' piece of chocolate and as uplifting as the most perfect and fabulous bra!

So, this summer, lose a little weight by eliminating anyone that is not making you feel like a million bux by being an honest and supportive friendy!

That's my lil' ol Vanity Reflection of the day!  Air kisses until the next one!

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