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Monday, June 4, 2012

Okay, this may sound insane, but stick with me!  This is Tiffanee.  She's one of my "veddy sofistikated" Vanity Cases characters.  With summer like two minutes away, I'm sure I'm going to be insanely busy with my girlies, so I am "employing her" to be  my Facebook and Fab'log spokesperson!  That's right, my doodle, my drawing, my character, will be filling in for me and speaking on my behalf!

I have nooooo idea how this is going to work, but she promised to be fabulously uplifting and funny.  What I've always like about Tiffanee is she swears by her fab uni' [read: uniform]  She's always adorned with pearls or feathers and is never, ever without her fab' sunglasses!  How can you not love a drawing that has a dress code! 

So enjoy Tiffanee while I balance summer duties! 

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