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Friday, May 11, 2012

So here's how this drawing emerged...

I've been told this image looks like moi! Well, maybe in the days when I worked in the "real world," where pumps, pearls and powder were part of my daily uniform!  As a work-at-home Mom E. Person, I still wear a uni', only know it's usually a skinny jean and one of a few tops I seem to endlessly rotate, and as always my [red] lipstick, powder and pearls!

But what remains the same, is I try to wear a fabulous shoe, whether that means a ballet flat one day, a clog, a veddy', veddy' white tennis styled sneaker or a moccasin.  Fab shoes always make me walk a little taller... just like my friends! A really good friends are like fabulous shoes; they give you the ability to stand tall within your self!    So deep... don't you think?

Girlfriends mean everything ... This Print is available in my on line Vanity Gallery - hope you enjoy

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