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Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Edie Beale - Vanity Style

Usually when I set my mind to a project I work pretty fast.  I started creating Little Edie images for greeting/ note cards, prints early this summer just before we went to China to adopt our second child and I am still in the creative process as we near the end of summer!  Who knew how much our  (2 year old) Daisy would throw me off my work schedule?!  I mean really, between her and my six year old daughter, one realizes children, just like let's say a millionty cats, are so demanding ... but so warm and fuzzy as well ... so I guess it all works!

And I hope my Little Edie images work!  I'm may create a Little Edie bookmark that can be printed from this site (just like my previous Vanity bookmarks).  Just need to know that there's interest so I can rationalize time away from my other "Vanity Projects!"  Please either leave me a comment or PM me with any thoughts on "Project Edie Vanity Style!" Until then, air kisses/ Collene


  1. <3 <3 <3!!! (Did we mention we love what we've seen so far in this collection!) Staunchy aka


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