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Friday, March 19, 2010

Vanity Wall Art

Vanity Wall Art
So I hope you will sign up to FOLLOW this Fab'log because I'll be posting some fabulous gifts for you - here!  I'm going to post some free Vanity Wall Art  (also featured in my Vanity store) if I can get a (magic) number of people to sign on today to follow my blog.  Now, I can always call my sisters or best friends and "order" them to follow, but that would be cheating!  This is my fun way of inviting your creativity, suggestions and feedback ... either that or it will send me to a shrink for developing an inferiority complex!  Remember, I need you Fabuladies!  So just scroll on to the right side of this Fab'log and sign in and sign up to  follooooooooow!   Collene

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