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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tiffanee says Vanity is a Virtue

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Who doesn't love Tiffanee?!  She's fabulous, creative, funny, has innate style and a sparkling personality...but enough about moi, I was asking who doesn't love Tiffanee?!  I love what she's saying because I believe it to be true!  On the busiest, most crazed days, a little lipstick or gloss if you prefer, a few strands of bubble gum sized pearls, or a petite single strand if you prefer and dark sunglasses (sorry, no substitutes here) and you've got fabulousness on the outside which through osmosis will enable fabulousness on the inside... or is that Vice Versa!  Follow this "Fab'blog" to stay on top of my free printable gifts for you ... and check out Tiffanee at my Vanity store Air kisses/ Collene

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