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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A fabulous bookmark...

Click n' Print this bookmark
And why shouldn't a bookmark be fabulous?  I say slip them into magazines, books & enclose in an envelope when sending a Vanity Card to a friend!  If you would like to see more bookmarks posted here, jot me a little comment or email me directly.  Better yet, follow this "Fab'blog" or be my Facebook friend!  Until then, air kisses/ Collene

!Tip! Set print scale 95% in your printer settings otherwise the bottom row will be cut off a tad! This one works well on slightly heavier paper. 


  1. This is so fabuloso, it's inspiring me to actually read a BOOK so I can use it! LOVE IT!!

  2. Not only does this fabulous bookmark inspire me to read, it inspires me to try new hair-do's! I was putting some out in my library and people were taking them before I could even put them down. Thanks Collene!


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